Do the hotel close during the day, and is there any curfew?

Our hotel is no curfew or closing day time for your specific accommodation.

What time do you serve Breakfast?

Served between 08.30 & 10.30 am.

Where can we park the car?

Close by Hotel is a good parking

My health is poor, what if I need a doctor?

Merhaba is affiliated with a Tourist Doctor we can call if necessary or we have service car for your need.

But if I need someone of the day? What then?

Don't panic, even when the reception is closed, there is always someone in the hotel. Just knock on reception door or ring bell.

My buss, feery or plane arrives early, can I check in at 07.00 am?

Yes. We serve a lovely breakfast at the terrace or in the your room.. Breakfast is included in the price.

We will be returning to Bodrum, after our first visit, can we store luggage with you for a few days?

For few days is ok., We have limited storage.

I have reserved a Budget Single room. Do I need to bring my own towels?

Only if you wish. We provide towels & soap also in the Budget rooms.

I want to stay in Bodrum & pay as little as possible! Help!

Take advantage of our Budget rooms, they are very good value for money. However, in order to keep these Budget prices really Budget, you do need to pay in CASH US $ OR EURO..

I have reserved a room (I think) but have not had reply from you.Is it confirmed?

No, without a written confirmation, your reservation is not valid. Please contact me.

I have sent you my credit card details to reserve the room. But you say the rooms have to be paid in cash. Why do you need my credit card details then?

In order to hold the room for you, this is the reason. We do not use the card, unlessyou do not show up or cancel at the last minute.

What is your cancellation policy?

Cancellation Policy is 1 days from arrival, no charges.

I am not happy at sending my credit card thru the internet

>Not a problem, just phone or fax your details to us.

I want to surprise my girlfriend and have the room filled with flowers & chocolates when we arrive. Can you help?

With pleasure, what a romantic gesture! Just let us know your budget for flowers, chocs, & it will be done for you..

I loved staying with you, and want to tell the world! What do you advise!!!

Aren't you kind! Thank you for those few words. I would suggest you add any helpful tips for other tourists coming to Bodrum.

What makes Merhaba Hotel Special, like you advertise?

At Merhaba "We really do care" about our guests. We do our very best to ensurethat your visit to Bodrum is a memorable experience.

Will Merhaba Hotel wash my clothes?

Yes, Our hotel have laundry services.

Will you pick us up from the airport?

Yes, From our place to the airport is 35km, 30 minute bus ride. This costs 35$

We are coming to Bodrum to try out the drugs!

Not in Merhaba you aren't! We frown on the use of drugs in the hotel. What you do outside is your own business…. but think carefully about Drug use, please.

I What will the weather be like when we visit your city?

The weather will be like between (April and October).

If I get lucky & meet the love of my life, can I bring her / him home to my hotel room to get better acquainted?

Not a chance! All guests need to be registered in the interests of security.(ours, and of course your own).

Do you put your prices up on Holidays?

No, our prices remain the same the entire year round, except for the Regular Special Offers on the Ensuite rooms.

Do you have an iron & ironing board you can lend me?

Yes, of course we do.

But now you have your own review page….sooooo, how can we trust you not to write your own reviews?

Ha! You are really going to have to trust me on this one! I promise to leave all reviews both good & bad, on my site. I have been in the hotel business 15 years and know that you cannot please everyone. So yes, of course I can expect some less positive reviews, also on my own site. However, healthy criticism can do no harm.